Iqa Hamid's Secret Profile

Hey guys!Welcome to himitsulife blog.Whats the meaning of Himitsu
Himitsu from japanese words means Secret.So its means Secret of life.
Dont care about my blog's name.Just enjoy reading my blog :)

 ATIQAH is my name

You can call me IQA or TIQA.But my school's friend call me KAMID (~_~')

ex-student of SAMTK...Now a student in UiTM,Lendu,Malacca taking Diploma In Accountancy

 Die hard fan of Arashi-Paramore-Yuna-Lisa Surihani-Perfume

Really want to further study to United Kingdom in accounty course

My dream : Wanna lives in Japan

My friend said I'm so sengal and gedik! Yes!I'm admit that's the way I cheering my life

 My life full with love.Love from my parents,family and friends

I'm a shopaholic who like to shopping whether have money or not! *Senang kata BOROS!

I'm happy with my life now :)
Thats all for now!Enjoy reading my blog